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06 Nov 2019

EyEnvy Christmas

All the EyEnvy ® Christmas Kits are available
Offer your clients the perferct Christmas gift. Choose amongst 7 of these
original EyEnvy packages that all contain the 2ml lash conditioner and an assortmen of EyEnvy® products.
A Smokey Eye or Amazing Skin – There a Kit for Everyone!

21 Jul 2019


PREempt cleaners and disinfectants are based on the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology, a technology that has been recognized by the Public Health of Canada Guidelines, Best Practices, Center of Disease Control and many more.

Using PREempt solutions is a cleaner, faster, more responsible and more sustainable way to clean and disinfect your working areas. These products are effective, safe to use and help reduce your ecological footprint.

31 Jul 2018


Accentuate natural eyebrows and eyelashes in two easy steps! RefectoCil Eyelash Curl gives your lashes a wonderful curl, creating eyes that appear larger and more expressive, while nourishing the eyelashes at the same time! Combine with RefectoCil tints that complement and define both eyebrow and eyelashes with stunning colors from natural colors, to bold and creative colors – anything to match your personal style! Provide your clients with high quality products and trendy looks that they will be enthused about. RefectoCil offers a sensitive tints line to accommodate everyone!

05 Jun 2017


The latest and greatest technology in the wax industry! It is an amazing hair removal and gentle on the skin. Unlike traditional hard waxes, it stays flexible and is less sticky. Change your waxing experience today! Berodin wax, along with the many pre-care, post-care products and professional tools, will improve your services!

05 Jun 2017


Provide a more comfortable service with Zensa’s safe and reliable numbing cream. It works quickly to numb your skin so that you can stay relaxed through painful procedures such as tattoos, tattoo removal and esthetic services such as permanent makeup, eyebrow micro-blading, electrolysis and even waxing! No more “Ouch!”

05 Jun 2017


Experience smooth and effective post-hair removal care with Glossy Box! Help reduce those unwanted ingrowns and help relieve irritation caused by hair removal with this innovative cream-to-powder formula, the only product you’ll ever need after shaving and waxing! Great for both face and body, even the most sensitive areas – for men and women!

05 Jun 2017


Take care of your skin! Hadaka is a highly effective peel-off facial mask that will help to remove impurities that naturally build-up on your skin. Hadaka peel-off facial mask will cleanse your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth in one easy step!

27 Sep 2016

Dermosoie category header

Advanced science skin care.

The approach of DermoSoie is developing scientifically sound products formulated in such a way that its ingredients reach the target cells to exert the desired effect. This explains why their products are so noticeably effective compared to other comparable products in the market. Dermosoie is founded in Montreal, Canada branching out from Ethic Medical Inc. Dermosoie’s products are carefully manufactured to effectively help improve the skin’s condition. The main focus is the different concentrations of Vitamin C, making Soie C one of the most effective Vitamin C preparations on the market.