Exfoliating Gel with Eucalyptus & Wintergreen

The Exfoliating Gel with Eucalyptus is ideal for gentle exfoliation combined with a refreshing and deodorizing action. It will bring a sense of well-being and promote the penetration of active ingredients that help to solve the problems of perspiration. It’s refreshing and soothing properties help calm itching of the skin, wounds and irritations. The powdered apricot shell is a natural exfoliating powder rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. It is a natural treatment that will refine the skin texture and tone which makes it an ideal ingredient for natural exfoliation. Professional size available.

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Key Ingredients
Eucalyptus Globalus Oil Known to have antiseptic, disinfectant, antifungal and blood-circulation activating properties. Help calms skin eruptions and irritations.
Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Oil Acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic. Works as counter-irritant to relive muscle pain which helps to reduce pain and swelling in the underlying tissue of the skin.
Armeniaca (Apricot) Shells A natural exfoliator rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium and calcium. Helps refine skin texture and tone.
Pumice Stone Provides your skin with deep, yet gentle exfoliation as it removes dead skin cells thoroughly from the skin.