Zensa Numbing Cream

Enjoy your services much more with Zensa Cream! It is the purest 5% Lidocaine Cream. Zensa cream numbs your skin so you can stay relaxed throughout painful procedures such as tattoos, tattoo removal, permanent makeup, eyebrow microblading, electrolysis, and waxing. It contains health-conscious ingredients that can help calm itching, burning, and stinging, creating comfort as your skin heals. Zensa cream works quickly and lasts long, (30-45 min absorption and lasts for over 3 hrs), allowing for a better and more comfortable experience! It is a safe cream that does not constrict blood flow and has no effect on the tattoo¬ing process or end result.

Spec Sheet


Lidocaine 5%, benzyl alcohol, carbocol, lécithine, pro-pylène glycol, Vitamine E acétate, eau purifiée